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The Alpha Course

Please contact the Vicar for the upcoming dates for a life changing course exploring life, faith and meaning. Run over a course of 11 weekly sessions we begin each meeting with a meal together, following on to a group discussion.

Please scroll down for details on the course schedule and further information in the introductory video.

We hope to see you there!

Weekly Schedule

Week 1Is There More To Life Than This?
Week 2Who Is Jesus?
Week 3Why Did Jesus Die?
Week 4How Can I Have Faith?
Week 5Why and How Do I Pray?
Week 6Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
Week 7How Does God Guide Us?
Week 8How Do I Resist Evil?
Week 9How Do I Tell Others?
Week 10Does God Heal Today?
Week 11What About The Church?

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