Rector’s November Ramblings

Dear Friends,

As I sit down to write this month’s edition of Rectors Ramblings its very windy outside and there is a definite autumnal feel in the air. The darker nights are drawing in and the ‘C’ (meaning Christmas!) word is being mentioned much more frequently than some of us would like.

Last weekend I found myself popping into a craft fair at West Felton village hall and there were lots of little trinkets and hand-made gifts to buy and some very yummy cakes. Interestingly I found myself having a similar conversation with a couple of people that I’d ended up having with two or three stallholders at a craft fair at Whittington Castle just a couple of weeks before. They had initially started making either wax melts, candles, or beautiful resin shaped glass items, including a beautiful heart that I fell in love with and now don’t want to give away. They found the time spent being creative aided their own mental health and well-being. One lady said she found it helped her to feel less stressed and anxious.

I’ve found myself wondering why at times we feel a pang of guilt, as if we’re being selfish, doing something that we enjoy that brings us pleasure. I’m a firm believer in a balanced approach to life. So, whether it’s a lovely walk in the autumnal sunshine that we’ve had of late, or picking up those paints and brushes that have been in the back of a cupboard for a while, let’s take the time and make the effort to do those things that bring us joy and pleasure.

I know for some in our community this first winter will be hard being the first without someone dear to you. We will be hosting our annual ‘Remembering Service’ on the 6th of November at 6:30pm at St Michael’s church in West Felton. This will be an opportunity to pause and be in a safe space to express that deep sadness that inevitably we feel when someone is no longer physically present with us. We will also be reading out a list of names of those we love and have died. If you would like your loved one’s name to be included, please let me know.

Every Blessing



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